new friends, new beginnings

Quite a lot has happened to me since I last wrote on this blog but I feel like writing this post in English so that all of my friends will understand.

I’ve been to a lot of great events.

Let’s do amazing!

I went out with my new collagues from HP to the second beer event (I’ve started working for HP about a month ago and I absolutely love it – the people I found here are amazing and they inspire me to do a lot of nice things and I’ve been extremely happy these last weeks). They are really fun people and beautiful and I have a strong feeling that they feel the same way as I do.

What is the most underground party you have ever been to?

That same evening I attended the first part of the Coma Light concert thanks to the invitation from Tuborg, after that I got into to a more exluclusive event – Real Underground Party to launch the new Grolsch beer in Romania 🙂 It was something unique: in the middle of the night with the subway closed and different things happening in each part of the subway. A lot of interesting people!

Losing something very dear!

The night had a bit of a more tragic ending because my lovely Sony Ericsson W995 the phone that I wan at the amazing FanWalk 2009 was stolen right out of my hands. I was very angry and enraged that night but I realised I must get over it and I will always have the memories from FanWalk, they don’t consist of material things.

the new version of motoRRock!

After this unfortunate event, even though I had plans to go see the Noisettes concert in Bucharest I went to my hometown and attended one night of the FreeFest festival in my hometown. This is how I got the chance to attent one of the best El Negro (my brother plays guitar in this reggae band) concerts I’ve ever been too and one of the worse Vita de Vie (pretty much the band of my life) gigs EVER!

My lil’ sister was nice too give me her phone along with her number to stay in touch with the world.

I am a lemonade wonder maker!

We re-started the lemonade wonder making project – Pasi catre viata – at one of the most beautiful Romanian events lately. Some of the greatest all-time Romanian bands gathered for one free gig in the center of Bucharest to raise money for a new hospital for children. It was a huge event that turned out to be great in spite of the pouring rain. We sold lemonade, tea, danced and laughed together enjoying bands that existed even before I was born. I felt like going back in time a little bit when there used to be Rock Galas and I was so happy to see as many bands in the same place at the same time. So we danced and enjoyed, it didn’t even matter that all out clother were wet.

Positively 4th Street!

The next day was Bob Dylan. My lovely friend Nora stated that she would love to go to a Bob Dylan concert and he came straight to her 6 months later. Bob Dylan is a very strange artist but I enjoyed listening to “Like a Rolling Stone” actually standing on stones and having fun with a few friends.

The evening had to be celebrated, the night was young so we decided to pay a visit to our good friend Carmen working in a bar close to Obor.

We went to eVarza and that’s where another story begins 🙂

Varza – the best place in town!

Varza is a lovely place, it feels just like the seaside, there is a lot of rock’n’roll, friendly prices for beer and a lot of people you can easily become friends with.

All night we laughed, enjoyed and played the guitar so three other people standing near as came to join us and this is how we got to meet Rita 😀

Rita – the portugese girl I’ve always been waiting to meet

Rita is from Lisbon, Portugal and she came to Romania for 8 months as a volunteer in an European Project, she studied to be a teacher and now teaches children living on the streets, works with prisoners and does a lot of nice things for a lot of people in need.

She told us that she had been watching us all night having fun and being so happy, she watched us as we raised our hands waiting with open arms everytime another friend of ours came in the door.

We told her something about us and we tried to call Miky – our Romanian friend studying in Portugal.

It was an amazing experience meeting Rita, she is a very kind and warm person, well spirited, funny and pleasant. I think that in a matter of speaking I fell a bit in love with her that night.

I’m loving a lot of people lately and that gives me a lot of energy, hope, inspiration, motivion and excitment.

To make the long story short we’ve been meeting with Rita a lot this past week. Last week we didn’t even know she existed and now we meet very often and she says that she feels happier now doing what she does and knowing that we exist :D.

We set-up a Portuguese class every Monday evening in Varza and everybody is welcome to come.


The next day after Bob Dylan I went running for the first time in my life and when I got near Sala Polivalenta along with Cami we spotted thru the door Jean Michel Jarre playing his keyboards. He was actually the only person in all the arena that we were seeing. It was an extraordinarily feeling. After the concert I met with some of the local Jean Michel Jarre fanclub members that got to meet him and have their picture taken together.

I was thinking that this week, so many people are getting to see their dreams coming true.

Doing simple things is so out of the ordinary!

Last weekend was another first-time experience for me. I managed to go out with some friends just to hang out (I haven’t done that in so long that I forgot how lovely the feeling really is – lately I’ve been going to concerts and all sorts of events but not just for some time with some friends – to go out just to go out). Saturday I had my first dinner invitation from the cutest ladies Cati and Cami. Sunday was Metallica photoshooting in Herastrau Park with a lot of gear from the incredible Ofelia.

Where are you from?

This last month I was four times confused as a foreigner: when buying a sandwich the guy at the counter asked me “here or to go?” and I grew a huge smile on my face and said “to go”, Tibi who I met in the historical centre while talking to Rita asked me where I am from, I was surprised about the question and Rita said that “oh, Andreea is from the whole world” – that made me feel great, people at hard rock cafe and so on. I must say I enjoy this impression a lot!

Thanks to my friend Anca I also found out why they call me Zgubi – could you believe that my HighSchool English Teacher actually came up with that? I didn’t remember that but I am very happy to find this out.

The next day after meeting Rita I remembered a conversation with my mom when I was in 4th grade studying to switch from a French class to an English class, I asked her “Mom, when do you know that you know how to speak English?” she said something like “when you start to have your thoughts in English then you can say that you know how to speak English”, after meeting Rita I thought to myself 😉

…now I’m making friends in English

I wonder what my English teacher and my mum think about all this now

Street Delivery – don’t miss it!

This weekend we are preparing the highlight of our lemonade project, we are waiting for you at Street Delivery with the best lemonade in the world!

Today I am going home to celebrate the end of the first grade with my little sister. It seems that this automn will be very rich in nice experiences and I have a very positive mood all the time: I am happy and people become happy around me – this makes me even happier and that’s when magic things happen!