Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams

To make a long story short.

I started this blog on WordPress then moved it to my domain, it got spammed, moved back to WordPress, then started all over again on my domain, it was recently spammed again and I’m back here.

This would explain a little of the lack of continuity here.

But what I like to focus on and love doing is telling stories, I’m not trying to impose a strict routine that I should post every X days or about those topics, I just like to write as I feel and I mostly like to write because in all these adventures I often feel the need to go back and read about my experiences to remember the details.

I always remember the feeling but not always all the details. It’s funny when sometimes people tell me how we once did something and I realize it completely slipped my mind.

Today I have the butterflies again and feel like writing about it. I’m now on the train waiting to start the journey home after a stormy day outside and inside, busy with very detailed work that has overloaded my brain. So this is a way to relax.



Today I started listening to music on the way to the train station. I stopped doing this for a while because I feel my ears needed a break. But today I was looking for a song and I played it, and I loved it and I turned up the volume and felt that instant shot of endorphins and all the senses heightened as soon as that button went up.

Sometimes I wish I could turn up the volume in my videos so that people experience the same sensation I have making them. In a way I think that’s what it’s all about in my videos, sharing some of the sensations I get from certain songs, a video interpretation of an audio emotional perception.


Today I finished planning the next adventure along with my friend Silvia and another friend, we’re going to Barcelona in May for a Coldplay concert and it’s amazingly exciting.


MTV EMAs Belfast 2011

In 2011 I was in Belfast at the MTV Europe Music Awards and the surprise opening had Coldplay who had just launched Mylo Xyloto and they played Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, we even had the glowing wristbands, we were glowing in the dark. Silvia was watching this live on TV, she told me she was thinking I must be feeling on top of the world, what an exciting surprise. And indeed it was. We used to listen to the song at the office and in the car after work.

That was the only time I ever saw Coldplay but I sometimes know that I am going to meet someone again or visit some place again – I knew that we would meet again.

Playing and playing

After I got home I was pretty hooked during that winter holiday and my sister and I were learning to play all sorts of songs on guitar and piano and together we figured out the chords for some of the songs you can hear in this amazing performance:


Now let’s go back to the start

I sometimes play albums at home and listen with my sister, I do that less than I would like to, I feel I could share more about the amazing music out there but also I want to let her find her own taste. She usually likes my choices and asks me all sorts of questions.

When they launched “A head full of dreams” I played it start to finish and she asked me when did the band start playing.

I had no idea but I told her that I first listen to their music when I moved to Bucharest for university. I remember how I was one day walking to college and I had just started listening to Coldplay, it was one of those harsh winters, one of my shoes was too tight and it was soo cold outside. I think it was also very early and I was walking towards a grey building with no heating to attend a class I would learn nothing from with awful teachers.

And in come Trouble and Fix You and The Scientist man this all feels so painful and it’s so cold, and then I realized what a perfect name they picked for themselves.


But then they had Clocks and Yellow that came in to pick you up and encourage that the now from right now will not be the now from forever, it’s just right now.


So I thought ok, if I started college in 2002 they probably formed around that time and my sister was born in 2002 so there you go, dear Ami they started when you were born.

It’s an easy and precise enough answer and easy to understand for a kid.

Bratislava: Magic

There’s also the moment in 2014 when I was with Mary in Bratislava, we were waiting for the train for Vienna where we were going to see the Stones. The train had some sort of delay so we went for a beer in one of the rusty places in the station. The place was falling apart but they had this big flat screen TV and at one point Coldplay came on with the song “Magic”. Somehow in this scenarios of contrasts I instantly loved the song and it gained more meaning. What I was doing was magic for me, I was living my dream and this was the only thing that was making it real – the fact that I believed in Magic.


I sometimes listen to it when I need a refresher on my own views on life and people.

Viva la Vida: Claudiu Mirea

Another fun memory is from a night out with my friends in Bucharest. We had been moving from one place to another when the music was not to our liking, at one point we went into a place called Bordellos which was insanely crowded. After half an hour we wanted to head out and just before getting out the door the cover band downstairs started playing “Viva la Vida”. I can’t explain how that cover version sounded so crisp, so gentle, so beautiful. In that moment I found it better than the original version. I spent a few days after that comparing various covers but nothing could capture the magnificent performance from that night, maybe they only played it that way once time but it was the one time I was there to experience it. Eventually I just listened to the original and it grew on me.


In 2012 things were great at work, I was a rising star, a superhero and opportunities were coming my way. Then things got complicated because of misunderstandings. I felt stuck and unhappy so in the end I changed jobs and got a fresh start.

Speed of Sound

The lyrics of “Speed of Sound” were playing in my head almost every day… how long do I have to climb upon the side of this mountain of mine. Things turned around impressively, I climbed the mountain and started to fly.



Towards the end of 2014 my now new team had a major change and many people left at once with many new ones coming in. We wanted to do something nice to say goodbye so we made a video where everyone shared one word that would describe each person. When we put it all together it was all spectacular and the perfect soundtrack was Sky full of stars – which I am pretty shore Chris Martin tuned it up with a little Brown Sugar from the Stones after seeing them in Roskilde with all that woo woo woo yeah!


Last year I wanted to put together a little video with all the amazing, uncommon, creative and exciting experiences we had as a team during the entire year of 2015 and the only song I could think of to support it as audio was a A head full of dreams which has an intro something like Barry Manilow – Copacabana which was perfect for my preparing for an Adventure in Brazil mood.

[googleapps domain=”drive” dir=”file/d/0B1SMzabyVJ59cS1BUDBEdm84MWs/preview” query=”” width=”640″ height=”480″ /]


Before the year ended I met my friend Andreea, we were talking about the upcoming adventure we were planning for the Philippines, YouTube randomly played Adventure of a lifetime that was the first time I heard it. I didn’t think much of it at first, it was rather odd. But as I was visualizing all the crazy things we would be doing and our experience discovering Asia I said that will be the soundtrack for our video. We will save it for the next one tho 🙂
So this is all a big intro into my Coldplay story. It’s a story that is only just starting, Silvia is over the moon about getting to the show, discovering Barcelona and all the energy of this band. She now understands my hyper excitement about going on a Rolling Stones tour.

I feel they have grown together with us, from sad miserable days to rebels, to colors and happiness and energy. What a great trend isn’t it. I know this is a girly post and some people might not even like the band or the songs but that’s alright because story is about the good things