Rolling Stones live in Copenhagen

I’ve just returned from an amazing European adventure following the Rolling Stones No Filter tour from Hamburg to Munich, Spielberg, Zurich, Lucca, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

I’ve made videos on the way and the most recent one to be published is Copenhagen, first three also up and more on the way. You can watch it below.

If for some reason the video below isn’t showing because of the country you are in or the device you are using, you can still see it on this alternate link.

It’s because of the soundtracks but hey, I can’t help it, these are it!

I traveled to Copenhagen together with Ben from Canada on the overnight bus from the Netherlands. I started from Rotterdam and he joined me on the way from Amsterdam. It was a very strange journey, 14h full of sad news about the death of Tom Petty and the shooting at the festival in Las Vegas. During the night I was dozing off and working on the video backlog and occasionally listening to a tune. I love being on buses on a tour and traveling from one place to another especially if there's music. For me it's best time to think about things maybe even contemplate about life and whenever I'm on a thrilling adventure as this one I truly feel the world is my oyster. The morning arrived and soothed some of the bad news. Beautiful blue sky and sunshine with a spectacular view from the bridge crossing the water. The arrival in Denmark - for the first time in my life was breathtaking. And I was enjoying the show from the front seat of the upper deck on the Flixbus. Five minutes after we arrived we met Wilfred in the train station and we started a short walking tour of the city.

We also met Marcelo who was nice to sing one of his home tunes – Mi Buenos Aires Querido (I did use this song in a violin version for the goodbye Buenos Aires video).

As we were cruising around some random street, this fancy classic car passed us by and inside was none other than ….The Queen of Denmark.

This was a very royal welcome into this country with the weather and her majesty.

After a quick count on the bus related to a different topic I was surprised to find that Denmark would be my 25th country visited and that the show would be my 25th Stones concert. Technically in terms of countries I could also count Poland but I was there only in the airport so not really visited 🙂

The magical number 25 seemed to have other meaning as well as we would learn later on in the show from Mick, that was their 25th show in Copenhagen. So in Stones age I’m the same as Copenhagen 🙂

Before the show we chilled out for a while, I finished some work and the others got some sleep.

We went to the show pretty late compared to all the others but the Lucky Dip draw turned out to be incredibly successful and we entered the pit half an hour later.

I met a bunch of Romanian friends, one of them – Alex – had been following my adventures over the years and the second he heard the Stones would play Copenhagen he immediately said I should be there – and that is what actually got me to also go to this show.

Ben also met some Australian friends from Melbourne and we merged groups, didn’t bother getting a very front seat and just stayed together, danced and enjoyed the show. Even Mick could tell we were on a roll and jumping and singing, him and the others would often stop around our spot and we would have this interaction moment just dancing and having a great time.

Most of the other Stones fans are pretty desperate about holding on to the very front rail and breathing in the air of that closeness to the band and I understand that, what I was looking for tho’ on this tour was people to share the excitement. And I got the most out that in Copenhagen.

Before the tour I expected Italy and Spain would have the best audience but man was I wrong, it was actually Netherlands and Denmark who turned up with their voices and their palms and the stadiums rocked.

The song choice was Heartbreaker and it the riffs sounded amazing, as with all other shows before it it seemed to be the best one, it was loud and rough and with a lot of kick.

After the show we slowly walked towards the train station. I had a morning flight and was still considering whether I should continue with Dusseldorf, Stockholm and Arnhem as I had no other concert tickets or flights or buses or maybe even budget. I’m sure I could make work but rather than struggling to squeeze everything in I decided to take a little break, get on the flight, finish video and photo editing and get back with fresh strength for Paris.

A lot of great things happened on the way and over the next weeks I will write the stories here and put the video on YouTube, please subscribe and stay tuned