Halfway there

I set a few goals at the beginning of this year before I could imagine that so many other beautiful things would happen.

Because it’s good to follow your accomplishment status, I am proud to say that today I am halfway there 🙂

I will let you know what it is when I get there!

Tomorrow will be 4 months since I started my new job, a whole lot has happened in the meantime: made a lot of new friends, some of them very good friends, expanded family, learned tons of stuff, discovered something I like to do and a great place to do it, got a new laptop, got a new and very beautiful home, made plans for vacation.

I am on top of the wave and I’m loving the view 🙂

Getting close to Automn, Ami’s second grade and the first vacation in Europe after FanWalk I am experiencing a feeling of fulfillment and inner richness, I like who I am and the people around me!

This time next week I will be celebrating my Mom’s 50th birthday in Vienna. So the song of the week will most definitely be this one: